We are a national grassroots network of more than a million people in 32 states working to promote democracy, social justice, and economic fairness.

Remember in November

Tell us: what do you want and need to remember when you go to vote this November? Which elected leaders or candidates stood by you, and which ignored your stories and questioned your truth? Join political healers across the country in recording a 30-second video to share what you will #RememberInNovember.

Take the #RememberInNovember pledge. Record a video, speak your truth, and vote for the future you want to live in.

How to make a video?

Quick Steps

Think about what you want to say in 20-90 seconds. Make it personal! Then click the camera button and record your video.

If you don’t like the video you record, you can retake it. When you have a version you like, click submit and fill out the form.

Layer 1

Once your video is approved, we’ll send you the link in an email. Then, share it on Facebook and Twitter so your voice can be heard!